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Sugar #11 Contract History

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Contract History

ICE Futures' Sugar No. 11 contract is the world's most heavily traded sugar futures contract. Its role as a global benchmark for the pricing of raw sugar has also earned it the name "World Sugar." The size of the Sugar No. 11 contract translates into a relatively small underlying value per contract, making it attractive for hedgers and speculators alike, providing easy market access for global participants small and large.

Sugar is one of the world's ten largest agricultural futures markets, the world looks to ICE Futures U.S. each day to price this vital commodity. For centuries, sugar has been a highly valued and widely traded commodity. What was once a luxury has evolved into a moderately priced and widely traded necessity. Produced in over 120 countries and consumed globally, sugar turns up everywhere from your coffee cup - as a food additive - to your gas tank - as the fuel additive ethanol.

A large set of commercial market participants, including producers, exporters, candy manufacturers, trade houses and a diverse set of institutional participants underscores the importance of sugar futures and options markets ensuring highly efficient pricing and continuous liquidity.

Sugar Futures & Options Brochure

Click on the link above to download a very informative .pdf brochure entitled "Sugar Futures & Options". It was published by the New York Board of Trade. This is a must read guide for any novice or advanced trader considering an investment in the sugar commodity futures and options markets.

Click here to contact a licensed commodity broker to discuss market opportunities.

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