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Contract History

ICE Futures U.S. Coffee "C"
   is the benchmark contract for Arabica coffee. As the world's leading coffee contract, the coffee industry looks to the Coffee "C" contract each day to price Arabica. The Coffee "C" futures and options contract trade the equivalent of 7 times the world's coffee production annually.

Brazil and Columbia mainly produce Arabica coffee. Vietnam produces Robusta coffee, which is considered to be lower quality than Arabica. Arabica is the type of coffee traded at ICE Futures US.

The U.S. coffee futures market was established in 1882 as merchants and traders created the Coffee Exchange
of New York to bring order to pricing in the industry. When a commodity such as coffee assumes a growing position in the global economy, it also invites vulnerability to major price shocks and increased hedging and trading activity.

Volatility in the coffee market has been historically greater than that of other soft commodities markets, often triggering increased levels of activity from both hedgers wishing to lay off risk and financial participants willing to take on those risks. The result is more bids and offers providing a critical mass of liquidity, hedging, and pricing opportunities.

Coffee Futures & Options Brochure

Click on the link above to download a very informative .pdf brochure entitled "Coffee Futures & Options". It was published by the New York Board of Trade. This is a must read guide for any novice or advanced trader considering an investment in the coffee commodity futures and options markets.

Commodity trading is not suitable for everyone. The risk of loss in trading can be substantial. This material has been prepared by a sales or trading employee or agent of Van Commodities, Inc. and is, or is in the nature of, a solicitation. This material is not a research report prepared by Van Commodities, Inc. Research Department. Please view our Risk Disclosure.

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