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Cocoa Futures Price

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Cocoa Futures Price

The cocoa price in the cash (physical) market is different than the cocoa futures price. Generally, the price of a commodity for future delivery is higher than the cash price due to carrying costs (insurance, interest, and warehousing fees). This is called contango. The opposite of contango is backwardation. Backwardation is when the price of a commodity for future delivery is lower than the cash price. Backwardation occurs in a “seller’s market.”

When you trade cocoa futures, your futures price depends on where you get into the market. After you post your initial margin, your profit or loss depends on where you enter and exit the market (minus transaction costs).

For example:

The contract size for cocoa is 10 tons So each $1 move equals $10. As the market moves your account value adjusts. If your account value drops below the maintenance margin a margin call is due. A margin call can be met by offsetting positions or adding money to your account.

If you have very deep pockets or deal with the physical cocoa product then futures may be for you. Trading cocoa futures is like driving a car without insurance. You may save the insurance premium, but if you crash you will wish that you were insured.

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Cocoa Price

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